13 Mar

Music room is up and running!

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I have the interface installed and mic’s connected and have verified the system is working!  I still need to build my bass traps and other sound modeling pieces.  I have been debating between purchasing from Primeacoustic’s London 8 or building my own.  If anyone has an opinion on this please post it in the comments.  I also need to purchase a set of quality, small footprint monitors.  I am considering M-Audio BX5 D2.  Again, if you have any suggestions are have personal experience with these monitors let me know.

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22 Sep

Music Room Almost Ready

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Donna and I have been working on the music room again and it is starting to come together.  Getting the desk/workstation was the first big hurdle.  Now that that is done. I can move on to getting the audio interface/control surface.  My focus at this point is getting it up and running so I can work on learning the software and how the new interface/control surface will work.  Looking at either the Zoom R8 or R16.  It will depend on what finances allow after my up coming birthday.

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15 Dec

Travis County grants crucial variance for F1 permit

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For those of us who support Formula 1 racing coming to Austin, this is just one more step towards an amazing few days coming in 2012!

From Austin-American Statesman:

Travis County Commissioners voted Tuesday afternoon to grant a permitting variance that will likely allow promoters of the proposed Formula One racetrack to begin grading work on the site southeast of Austin, perhaps as soon as the end of the year.

Today’s vote, which passed 4 to 1 at the recommendation of county planners, allows track developers to proceed before the county receives FEMA’s so-called Conditional Letter of Map Revision.

My thanks to those that voted in favor of this and for seeing the incredible value and recognition Formula 1 will bring to Austin

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12 Dec

Help Support Formula 1 Coming to Austin, Texas!

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Dear Friends of Formula 1,


Please take a moment to email and/or call the Travis County Commissioners to show your support for the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix project in Austin Texas. The county will hold a meeting on December 14, 2010 to vote on 2 specific requests to move the project forward. Every email and phone call counts, so spread the word as far and wide as possible.


Your support is greatly appreciated,

Vance Facundo – Friends of Formula 1 Austin Texas


Cut and paste the following addresses into a new email and include the template below








County Judge Sam Biscoe: (512) 854-9555

Commissioner Ron Davis, Precinct 1: (512) 854-9111

Commissioner Sarah Eckhardt, Precinct 2: (512) 854-9222

Commissioner Karen Huber, Precinct 3: (512) 854-9333

Commissioner Margaret Gomez, Precinct 4: (512) 854-9444



Be sure to sign your name before emailing


Dear Travis County Commissioners,


As a strong advocate for bringing Formula 1 racing to AustinTexas, I urge you to approve item #9 on the December 14 agenda regarding a flood plain variance at the United States Grand Prix site. County staff has recommended approval of this request, and your support will allow this beneficial project to continue moving forward.


The Formula 1 project will serve as a catalyst for improvements in the City of Austin’s Desired Development Zone and along the SH 130 corridor that have long been needed.  Supporting this item will bring this project a step further to becoming a reality. I am eager for the arrival of Formula 1 in AustinTexas, and urge you to support these matters.



Supporter of the Formula 1 United States Grand PrixTM

13 Nov


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Welcome to KenKilgore.com! This is just a site for me to play with and try new things with worldpress. Have fun looking around. Someday I will make this a site about my production/mixing studio.  At last, once I get the studio built and some equipment in place to do  the mixing I want to work on. Until then just hang-on and watch what happens.

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13 Oct

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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